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Live concerts seen round the world!

We invite you to join Nashville’s Anastasia Brown and her partners, Rand Snyderman and Craig Golin, in StarStream as they take the concert experience into the 21st Century beyond all the confines & boundaries that now limit the impact any concert can have.

StarStream delivers live, streaming video of concerts – in real time – to fans all around the world.

StarStream makes the live concert experience more accessible to more fans, giving them a front row seat and a backstage pass ... from their computers, home theaters, TVs, hand-held devices, and whatever entertainment platforms may arise in the future. StarStream will enable performers to be seen & heard by substantially more people; they’ll be able to increase their fan base; and create multiple revenue streams that will last long after the concert is over.

StarStream’s technology is beyond cutting edge. The video is High Def; the audio is multi-track; and StarStream’s package includes a mobile multi-camera network control room.

The most exciting aspect of StarStream is that artists can reach so many fans that are now unable to attend their

concerts for a variety of reasons.

With StarStream, the artist is in control – not the networks. StarStream makes it possible for performers to offer live worldwide concerts, sound checks, meet and greets, for as little as $5.99, instead of $39.99; and it gives you the ability to create a worldwide event from a concert that originates in any venue, any size, anywhere – from a stadium in Los Angeles to an intimate performance in the artist’s own home.

For the performer with a cause, imagine the increased revenue for your charity with a worldwide event versus merely a concert hall event.

After the initial live concerts, video downloads will continue on demand. Sponsorships, promotions, e-commerce, and product placements will offer additional revenue.

StarStream will host these pay-per-view events and take fans backstage to meet the performers; and through two-way interactive capabilities, StarStream will allow fans to ask questions, post comments, request songs, and “participate” in ways that have never before been possible.

Strategic Partners:

Rand Snyderman Rand Snyderman is a veteran producer of Fortune 100 corporate programming, has been producing internationally to large corporate audiences since the inception of video web streaming. Rand is credited with producing the international broadcast of the merger of Astra and Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, which is considered the largest international satellite broadcast in the history of European business communications. The broadcast spanned the entire globe hitting 64 countries to an audience of 100,000 people.

Expanding that expertise to include the music and entertainment industry is a natural evolution.

(302) 540-9993


Craig Golin Craig Golin is a veteran television producer/director with a long and successful career; most notably the award winning We Are The World video and HBO Making Of We Are The World special, Lionel Richie, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton concert specials and most recently Shaq Vs. for the ABC Television network. Possessing years of experience in all facets of production including producing successful programming for virtually all of the National television and Cable Television Networks as well as associations with Dick Clark Productions, Saban Entertainment and Film Garden Entertainment to name a few. Craig's producing credits also include “Rusty: The Great Rescue” a family oriented feature film which broke new ground in talking animal visual effects.

Highly experienced and known among associates as a great communicator Craig always manages to keep a cool level head—absolutely priceless qualities when it comes to delivering under a deadline. Craig Golin is good at what he does and comes equipped with many resources.

“I am always looking for creative, collaborative and challenging opportunities as well as to be a contributing part of a successful team effort.”

(818) 326-5709

Anastasia Brown Anastasia Brown is one of the top power-players in the music industry and currently the only music supervisor based in Nashville. Various TV series, major motion pictures, soundtracks and original songs she’s worked on have received Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Dove wins and nominations.

Coming from artist management launching Keith Urban in the 90!s while also having worked with Waylon Jennings, Leon Russell and Sting as Miles Copeland’s partner lead to a diverse career in the entertainment industry for two decades. After serving as a judge on USA Networks! Nashville Star, Anastasia wrote a book offering guidance for aspiring artists, writers and musicians, Make Me A Star (Thomas Nelson,) which is touted as the most current and helpful how-to books on the market and is being used as a textbook in music colleges.

Anastasia is committed to following her own path when creating music and opportunities for artists, developing filmed entertainment and consistently breaking the mold for years to come.

(615) 330-5822


Jeri Porcaro Jeri Porcaro is a sought after Senior Level Executive and Liaison between decision makers of new and emerging social communities, consumer products and technologies. Jerilyn (Jeri) Porcaro

is vibrant and passionate about her work in strategic relations and business development.

By respectively bringing key influencers together, Jeri works to facilitate innovative solution based discussions, resulting in exciting crossover opportunities between emerging communities and consumer related goods, services and products.

Recognized for her cutting edge ideas, passion and visionary expertise in working with startup companies and the development and successful launch of new concepts, products and their related technologies Jeri’s focus in community based websites, internet multimedia social-media marketing, branding, PR and WOM marketing and communications are invaluable. Porcaro's career includes all aspects of Word of Mouth Marketing, Social Media, Emerging Social Communities and Production of exclusive multimedia and social media content.

Living near Seattle, Washington Porcaro’s got heart, soul, ingenious strategies, endless creativity and a powerful passion for what she does.